Nashville Travel Recommendations

Traveling from La Crosse, Wisconsin —–> Nashville, Tennessee

Travel Day 1

Champaign, Illinois – halfway point

We stayed in a nice hotel but always stayed adventure ready! There are a ton of options right off the highway here.


Kentucky Oaks Mall – Paducah, KY

A great stop to stretch your legs, shop and eat before making the last stretch for Tennessee. We had to get Chick-fil-a for the “Southern” experience.


Arrived in Nashville, TN

Explore the Airbnb. I recommend staying in an Airbnb. It makes the sleep better, you spend less on food by grocery shopping at the start of the trip, and you feel like you are at a home away from home.



And hopefully you get a cute shot like this!

Full Day 1


This is one long street of multi level bars, restaurants and tourist shops! Our first day was St. Patrick’s day so we enjoyed a spot on a rooftop with a green beer!

Our favorite daytime bars included:

AJ’s Good Time Bar

Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville

Day 2

We visited a great place recommended by Kenz’s friend (follow her food blog)!

Frothy Monkey is the name of the cute coffee and breakfast place we ate at. Any place with an artsy instagrammable photo-op is a place I want to be.


This spot is right out back of the Frothy Monkey at 12South, their original location.

That same day we also took a nice easy hike and had a picnic afterward at Harpeth River State Park- Hidden Lake.

The great thing about Tennessee is that the state parks are free for everyone. We went on the Hidden Lake trail and it offered an easy hike that gave us tall overlooks and low walks right along the beautiful hidden lake.


We visited in March, which was a perfectly good time. We didn’t have to get wet but it’s a possibility in the warmer months. Another reason it was a good time of year is our group were pretty much the only ones in the park, very secluded.

Day 3

A touristy shopping day

We were able to check out one of my dads favorite shows, store. American Pickers, Antique Archaeology store.


Along this same street (Marathon Village) that this shop is on, there are many other antique shops, a Jack Daniels Store, Grinders Switch Winery, and a few other tasting rooms, most of which offered free samples of Whiskey!

Also this cute photo-op:

We then ate some Hattie B’s Hot Chicken and everyone needs to try this when in Nashville.


The next recommendation always gets mixed reviews. My favorite go to thing to do while traveling is shop, whether its at a popular fancy mall or a local shop. Now i’m not the type of person that buys a shirt that says “I WENT TO NASHVILLE” but there are a lot of cool ways to remember the trip through shopping.

My personal favorite store we visited, Kate Spade. This was where my obsession for Kate Spade and the finer things (lol) started.


Day 4

A new part of town (The Gulch)

The first place I have to tell you about has the besttttttt coffee in Nashville. Biscuit Love. My usual favorite an iced Carmel latte was amazing. Along that same road are a few other cute shops. Kittinish, by Jessie James Decker had a few wonderful pieces of decor.



Another location at The Gulch is “the wings” photo opportunity. There are also some surrounding wall murals that make for great pictures too.


The famous wings…



Search this to find the exact location.

302 11th Ave S in The Gulch

The parking lot across the street from the wings also has a parking deal, where you get an hour free (which is usually all you need on this strip).

We then went to Centennial park, walked around, and saw the Parthenon, the other statues and surrounding sites. It costs money to get it to the Parthenon, not too much, we just chose to look at the beautiful building from the outside.



A short walk from the park there is No Baked, an edible cookie dough shop. A must when spending a day in the park! They also have a cookie dough and ice cream mixed milkshake, very good!



A great night-time idea is catch a concert at Bridgestone Arena. My friends and I saw Travis Scott and since the arena is right at the end of Broadway Street, the bars are all right there!

Afterward we had some fun at Tootsie’s, a world-famous country bar!


Last Day

The fun and adventurous day.

Many big cities now have scooters you can rent for really cheap. We used Lime! New users get a free activation the first ride and it has the cheapest rate in Nashville. There are also a few other companies that have these scooters but this company had the cheapest in Nashville, they also have all ability access scooters and discounts for low-income riders, which is great!

How To Lime

Download the Lime app

View nearby scooters, e-bikes and pedal bikes

Scan the QR code or enter number to unlock

Lock up safely when finished



Another great spot to visit is 5 Daughters Bakery. Such delicious donuts, and a great post scooter snack.

The last night we got out of our Uber on Broadway and were given a BOGO deal for The Valentine. This bar was so much fun and had some of the best non-country music and cheaper drinks!

Then off we were on the long trek all the way home.

I will be sharing my TN travel video shortly. Stay tuned.

– Abby🌻


Girl, Clean Your Shoes!

Okay don’t sue me Rachel Hollis. Just stole, but changed your book title for my blog post. Moving on.

Check it:

This is what I use to clean all my tennis shoes! I have also used the simple home remedy baking soda, laundry detergent tooth brush type stuff but just thought I’d share this product that I have been using for the last 2 years!

Look at these results… WOW… AMAZING!


-Abby 🌻

Team Arbonne

In honor of Earth Day I have decided to post all about my new online business!!

It is Arbonne and we provide all natural, vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, non GMO ingredients, certified drug free health and beauty products!

What gets better than that. Good for your body and good for the Earth!

Use the following link to check these products out and purchase something good for yourself!


Here are some products I’ve been using!

The Deodorant and Tooth Paste.

Both are amazing! I can’t wait to try more right alongside all of you.




««I’m having a launch party this Thursday, April 25th at 7pm at my house in La Crosse, WI. I would love for all of you living here to make it. If you can’t come, comment or get in touch with me because we can set up a video chat so everyone can join!»»

Thanks for joining me on my Arbonne Journey!


-Abby 🌻

let me tell you ’bout my best friend

My blogs whole point is just to share my life with my family and friends and bring some sunshine and positivity into peoples life.

… so, when nothing else in the entire world is on your side… one thing will be.


She is beauty, she is grace, she is an Oreo latte.

This drink is all weather, all terrain. Whatever that means.

P.C. Kenzie Demant

“We think you’re pretty cool”

Well Moka, I think you are pretty cool.

Sadly, Moka is a smaller coffee place and currently just has locations mostly in Rochester, MN, Madison and La Crosse, WI. That means Milwaukee.. my new home.. will not have these delicious drinks. And that makes me question things sometimes.

I’ll get over it.

So, if your ever anywhere with a Moka. Go. Sunshine and espresso will soon course through your veins!


Whatever it takes.

Per the title, I need to clarify that double blended Oreo lattes are not my best friend. They do mean a lot to me though. But here is my best friend. Her name is Lil. She is pretty pretty cool.

Just a little shout out to her and blended Oreo lattes.


The best therapy!


This week I was in Milwaukee for a sports law program event! It was amazing but the best part was heading down early and getting the entire day to myself.

Most of you will know that I am moving to Milwaukee soon so the first part of the day was looking at two possible homes. I found an apartment I loved and a house that was …well I won’t be living in.

I now have the best piece of advice I can give you. Have breakfast with yourself! I found this cute coffee and breakfast spot and just sat.

Colectivo Coffee. I stumbled upon it and later found out it’s a super popular coffee spot with many Milwaukee area locations.

This is the Kinnickinnic Avenue location.

The view from my table for one.

So much good sunshine, so much good food. AND EVEN BETTER COFFEE.

Iced Caramel lattes for the win!

Next step!

A nice relaxing nap in a comfy king size bed with fresh white sheets. perfection.

Step 3!

Get up.. and let’s run!

I decided instead of running around foreign Downtown MKE streets, I would utilize the hotels fitness center. It was quite nice and again I was all alone.

No one else running on the treadmill next to me or making noises clanking weights. Just me. And if you ever have the chance for a pure silent work out. Do it.

Follow up step!

If you happen to be at a hotel or I guess wherever you are. Take advantage of alllll the relaxing aspects.

I’ll never understand a person who doesn’t use a hotels hot tub.

A perfect hot tubing and swim!

Next step!

Like the trendy LA YouTuber I wanna be… you need to Postmates something! On a relaxing day to yourself you don’t have to drive any where or make anything. Welcome to the 21st century!“Postmates is the largest, most reliable on-demand delivery and pickup platform” -Postmates

So it was about a week ago I was in Milwaukee and had this relaxing day. I’m back today, so maybe we will see a repeat? Stay tuned.

Find what brings you a little peace. Then do it a lot. You deserve it.


Vacation Outfit Look Book

I am no fashionista. BUT I do love clothes. I also really love dressing cute on vacation. I have inserted pictures of my favorite outfits from my most recent vacation! No one probably cares to see my outfits but here it is!

My favorite outfit from the trip. I had no clue what to wear for our last night out. I was all ready to go besides my outfit. I knew I wanted to wear the jacket but didnt have any thing for underneath, just casual shirts or black shirts and I dont like black and brown mixed together all that much. Then I remembered this top I brought and got an outfit that was thrown together with the “over packing’ I did.

And my new signiture hair style. Inspired by pintrest and being a bad ass b*tch, exectuted by Zipp.

Another favorite outfit of mine. I love love love dresses. They are my second favorite clothing item, behind long sleeves. A cute skater dress matched with a pastel pink hat. Lovely!

And check out Kenzies outfit! Cutest floral jeans, and a brand new pink Old Navy jacket which is a childs XL! That purchase was highlighted in my previous ‘Nashville Haul’ blog. Check it out!


More dresses!!! Today all the girls rocked dresses. As I have an obnoxious amount of dresses, they all borrowed mine. A dark pink, cotton v-neck dress that is extra flowy. A simple black tanktop dress. And all of our personal favorites a cute olive green pocket T-Shirt dress. AND CHACOS!

You might have noticed in the pink dress picture above, a bag on my back. Here is #whatliftsme … my new Kate Spade mini backpack.

An excellent set of bar goer fits! Black converse, black jeans, and a nice black quarter sleeve crop top! My outfit includes matching black converse with some Nike socks peaking out. The simple black tanktop dress is back again. Now paired with a flannel which is a staple in my wardrobe.

Do you beleive this outfit???

So basic.

Jean shorts, flannel around the waste, Jonny Cash graffic T-Shirt. Easy.

Sometime this week I will be blogging about Nashville travel recommendations. This cafe is a must, Frothy Monkey’s! This was recommended by a friend of a friend, and this cute wall made the perfect backdrop for my hiking outfit. Nike shoes, maroon ballet leggings from Sam’s Club. Check them out for super inexpensive leggings and other clothing! The top is a Nike dry fit long sleeve. Completed with a top knot.

Our first full day in Nashville was St. Patricks day. I already posted this outfit in my OOTD Blog but needed to include my friends classic and comfy outfits and the GREEN BEER!

A random Kentucky mall makes the perfect picture opportunity for my travel outfit. French braided hair into a bun keeps everything off my face on the long roadtrip. A warm pull over, similar to Pategonia pullovers but much cheaper, again it’s from Sam’s Club. Sweatpants, Bomba’s fun socks, and Chaco’s to finish it off!

More cute outfits from the first night going out DT Nash. Be inspired.

There was alot of borrowing clothes this weekend. When you are on a trip with your girls that is the best way to do it!



Nashville Haul!

Shopping is a must for me on a vacation! We had an amazing shopping spree at a mall right by the Grand Old Opry!

The following items were such great deals and all highly recommended by my gals and I!


Kate Spade Mini Backpack


Old Navy Coat **I’m wearing shorts**


Nike FR Commuter Shoes


God Bless Nike Outlets🙏🏻

‘I’ll Clink to That’ wine glass



Hattie B’s Hot Chicken T-Shirt


Old Navy Jacket


Cat Spatula



Nike FR Shoes


Calvin Klein Purse


Stay tuned for more Nashville Blogs!!